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Massive social platform for virtual reality and desktop


Free software under the
GNU AGPLv3 license


We want to create a safe
environment for everyone

We are building a friendly, creative and inclusive metaverse for everyone. Hang out with friends from all over the world, host or attend events big or small, build and experience magical worlds. The only limit is your imagination!

Persistent user-created virtual worlds

Create your very own worlds where you can build together with others and express your imagination knowing that nobody can take it away from you.

Hosted on your own hardware or soon available on-demand from us.
Find more information on our docs on how to host a world (advanced)


Silence by Caitlyn

Photogrammetry Park

Photogrammetry Park by Caitlyn


Solace by Monoglu

Tank's Corner Bar

Tank's Corner Bar

Lockdown Dance Party

Xaos' Lockdown Dance Party

Hundreds of people in the same space

Up to 400+ concurrently moving and talking people can interact together in the same space. Powered by highly customizable and scalable software for any occasion.

Hifi's load test

Comfortable human interaction

Experience unprecedented presence and intimacy in a virtual space. Subtle verbal and body communication are faithfully reproduced in the virtual world.

Two people hugging

Extensive platform for developers

Use JavaScript to make almost anything you can imagine. Script entire experiences, tablet apps and playable games. Find the API reference here.

Scripting code sample

Free and open-source

Under the AGPLv3 license, we are free software.
Use Tivoli however you like for any purpose.

Written using C++ with Qt and JavaScript, feel free to contribute! Find the source code here.

Tivoli's git repo


Discord – tivolicloud.com/discord

Blog – blog.tivolicloud.com


Documentation – docs.tivolicloud.com

JavaScript API – apidocs.tivolicloud.com


GitLab – git.tivolicloud.com